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Breeding and standardization of silkworm strains for avian influenza vaccine useMei-Chun LuMiaoli District Agricultural Improvement Station2016
Development of Avian Influenza Subunit Vaccine by Using Silkworm as a BioreactorYu-Ju LinTaiwan Provincial Research Institute for Animal Health2016
Selection of novel mutants and development of molecular marker in rice mutation poolDa Gin LinTaiwan Agricultural Research Institute2016
Screening of high productivity mutants, variety breeding, and development of the related markersHSIN-YI TSENGTaiwan Agricultural Research Institute2016
Study of salt tolerance, yellow kernel and giant embryo rice mutantsSzu-Yi ChouTaiwan Agricultural Research Institute2016
The technological industrialization and multiple application of aquatic germplasm centerChin-I ChangDepartment of Aquaculture, Taiwan Fisheries Research Institute2016
The study on technical networking and industrial usage of livestock germplasmRen-Bao LiawTaiwan Livestock Research Institute2016
Study on the industrial utilization of crop germplasm and value-added operation strategy of gene bankIen-chie WenTaiwan Agricultural Research Institute2016
Furnishing and popularization for local animal important pathogensChen-Sheng HuangTaiwan Provincial Research Institute for Animal Health2016
Breeding for temperature stress tolerance of tilapia and research on the effect of cold tolence fish on clam pondFu-Shen TsengTaiwan Fisheries Research Institute2016
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